School Social Worker 

My name is Lisa Bramer and I am the School Social Worker for Central Springs.  I am shared with 3 other districts so I am in the school one day a week, sometimes twice a week.  I have my Masters Degree in Social Work and am also a Licensed Independent Social Worker.  Prior to my employment with Central Springs, I was an outpatient therapist.

I am at the school to provide support to students who may be struggling socially and/or emotionally.  I can work with students on social skills and coping skills as well as addressing mental health needs including but not limited to anxiety and depression.  I can also assist if the student is having some struggles at home.  At Central Springs it is important to us that every student's needs are met.  

If you have any questions about my services or think that your student could benefit from social work services, please email me at  This is the easiest way to contact me and you will get a quicker response as well.  You may also contact the guidance counselors at each school as well.  They can discuss my services further.  

I hope that your students have an amazing school year!

Lisa Bramer, MSW, LISW

School Social Worker

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